A women’s….rights?

Take a look at this document. This will provide a brief overview to some insight on american women’s struggle. Then take a look at these two quotes from the reading. Give me some insight and interpretations as to what this might mean. Leave your responses in the replies. 🙂 “civil wars and racist persecutions thrive […]

Fun Fact of the Day!

Graham crackers, are they a healthy cookie? You know the ones I’m talking about, the bland yet sweet cracker that you smash a marshmallow and a piece of chocolate between while sitting out side by a fire on a summers evening. Well, they were originally created to get rid of such indulgent behaviors and habits […]

Strange Fruit

Take a look at this. This song was originally a poem written by Abel Meeropol, a white, Jewish high school teacher from New York in an effort to expose American racist practices that mainly involved the abuse and murder (specifically lynching in the south) of African Americans. Soon after, Billie Holiday would find her work […]

Fun Fact of the Day!

The United State’s 7th President, Andrew Jackson, was quite the character really, but let me explain why. So the story goes that one day Andrew is talking with his buddy and then things head south and it turns into an argument. They’re yelling back and forth and then this guy brings Andrew Jackson’s wife into […]

World War II

After beginning our discussion in class today on our unit covering World War II, I decided that since we’re all basically historians on the subject (you’ve learned the same things since 7th grade) that we would take a different approach to this topic. Instead of using our text books, we will be using two books, […]


Hello 11th Grade World History!  A reminder : The purpose of this blog is to provide you guys with some “supplemental”information in regards to some of what we will cover in class. After asking each class in our first formative assessment what they like about history, I found that at least 65% said “nothing”! Well look no […]