The Chicago World’s Fair and America’s First Serial Killer

Not to be confused with the detective Sherlock Holmes, H. H. Holmes became known as America’s first serial (no not cereal but my favorite is Cookie Crisp) killer by luring people into his personalized hotel known as “The Castle”.  The Castle was a maze of secret passages and dimly lit rooms hiding false walls and peep holes. Eventually H. H. Holmes was caught but not initially for his murderous spree. No, what caught this mastermind was his greed for money which he earned mainly through insurance scams. After being arrested and his hotel searched, he admitted to killing 27 people but it is estimated that he may have murdered upwards of 200.

Wait wait….how did that many missing people go unnoticed?

Well, The Castle sat on the edge of the 1893 Chicago World’s fair which through out the course of the year attracted upwards of 27 million Visitors from around the world! This made his killing spree quite the easy task considering that immigrants were steadily coming to America to find new lives and would lose contact with their families across the sea.

Still seems impossible right? Well here, take a look at this video I found on YouTube. These two guys do a much better job of explaining all this.  WARNING : Watch with the lights on and make sure theres nothing under your bed before you go to sleep.

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN EXTRA CREDIT !!!!!! Further Reading : “The Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson

If you’re super intrigued heres some more info :



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