Fun Fact of the Day!

The United State’s 7th President, Andrew Jackson, was quite the character really, but let me explain why. So the story goes that one day Andrew is talking with his buddy and then things head south and it turns into an argument. They’re yelling back and forth and then this guy brings Andrew Jackson’s wife into the argument, calling her a “cow”.  Thats where Andy draws the line.  He says some version of “lets take this outside” and challenges this man to a duel. (You know, one of those gun slinger, out west, sheriff types). Andrew allows the guy to shoot first.  The bullet hits him a centimeter away from his heart, knocking Andrew only slightly off balance. He aims his gun at the guy and kills him with one shot. Being that Andrew absolutely adored his wife, he never had the bullet removed and kept it as a sign of his never ending love for her.

If you wanna read a less gussied up (also more boring) version, check this out :


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