World War II

After beginning our discussion in class today on our unit covering World War II, I decided that since we’re all basically historians on the subject (you’ve learned the same things since 7th grade) that we would take a different approach to this topic. Instead of using our text books, we will be using two books, “Looking Like The Enemy” by Mary Matasuda Gruenewald and “Night” by Elie Wiesel.

The class will be split in half so we will have information from both books. Basically we will be using these two stories to compare and contrast the experiences of Japanese immigrants living in America, and Jewish people living in Germany during World War II.

“But why would either of these groups have anything in common?” We are gonna find out! By Thursday (2 days from now!) I need you to decide which book you would prefer to read so below I will post some links to either the first chapter of the book or a PDF version where you can read the first chapter. I just want you guys to get a feel for what each book will be discussing. (IF YOU HAVE ALREADY READ “NIGHT” DO NOT READ IT AGAIN, PLEASE!)

After reading the first chapter of each book I want you to come up with 5 similarities that each group may share, that they have experienced already  or may experience further on in the reading. Be creative and use prior knowledge. Think “Who, What, and How” to help you answer this. You can do it! We will be brain storming  more of these ideas in class.



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